Midnight mayhem in East Delhi leads to panic
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Midnight mayhem in East Delhi leads to panic

An episode in Mayur Vihar Phase I reveals that there's no police patrolling during midnight hours. 

Midnight mayhem in East Delhi leads to panic

Lack of police patrolling during midnight has, once again, become apparent.  

Last night, at about 12.30 am, residents of Samachar Apartments and Nirman Apartments in Mayur Vihar Phase I, who had flats at the back, suddenly heard some ruckus on the road passing between the two societies.

Residents saw some people beating up a man brutally, hurling abuses all the time.

Rita Benzamine of Samachar Apartment said, “Hearing loud noises, I immediately opened my window to see a man being chased by four to five people. He was eventually caught and beaten up brutally. I panicked.”

A couple of residents and security guards from Nirman Apartments also gathered at the gate, but no one dared to intervene.

“Someone from my society called the police, but it took more than 30 minutes for the police to arrive. By the time police reached the spot, those who were beating the man had already fled,” said Nirmal Singh, a security guard deployed for night duty at Nirman Apartments.

This is what transpired in the words of a police official of Mayur Vihar police station.

“A couple was standing near Akshardham Metro Station when a drunk man began to hurl abuses at the girl. The boy immediately called his friends living in nearby Pandav Nagar. The drunk man tried to flee on his bike but the friends chased him on two bikes and finally cornered him near the bridge close to Samachar Apartments.”

Though the episode did not have any fatal consequences, it revealed lack of police protection during late-night hours.

“Many people come home late from office. What kind of safety do they have? What happened is an eye-opener, and the police should realise how lax it is in its approach,” complained  Shrikant Sharma, a resident of Nirman Apartments.