Children plead with elders to shun firecrackers this Diwali
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Children plead with elders to shun firecrackers this Diwali

Increase in noise pollution and damage to the environment are the twin evils that need to be fought. With this objective in mind, a resident of Sector 17B initiated a campaign driven by children against firecrackers.

Children plead with elders to shun firecrackers this Diwali Children campaign against firecrackers in Sector 17B, Gurgaon, on Sunday

Schoolgoing children in Sector 17B, Gurgaon, marched through the lanes of the colony shouting slogans against the use of firecrackers in Diwali on Sunday in a bid to save the city from pollution and environment damage.

Sanjay Gupta, general manager at State Bank Academy, took the initiative, collected young students and children of the colony and marched across the area asking residents to refrain from bursting firecrackers this Diwali.

A no-cracker Diwali is what Gupta is propagating. Another initiative he took was to hold a drawing competition for children on the same theme. “We have used those drawings as banners for the march today,” said Gupta.

Children explained to the residents about the ill effects of using crackers.

“It was a wonderful interaction with the children, who requested us not to burst crackers that spoilt the environment,” said Vivek Malik, a resident of Sector 17B.

This campaign is the second one highlighting the cause. Last year, too, there was a similar one. However, this year it was accompanied by a drawing competition to spread the message.

“Crackers cause unimaginable harm to our environment. Asthma patients, children and senior citizens suffer the most. There occurs noise and air pollution, which destroy our environment. Hence I took this small initiative to make whatever small difference I could,” added Gupta.