Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Diwali is round the corner, but will these two Dwarka parks see light?

Posted: Oct 12, 2017     By Akhilesh Pandey

With Diwali round the corner, every corner of Delhi is preparing to deck up in lights, colour and festivities. All except these two areas in Dwarka.

Parks, to be precise, in Sector 7 — one adjacent to Harsukh Apartments and the other one, slightly bigger, behind Brahma Apartments.

Why? Because neither DDA, nor SDMC is bothered about whether these parks have lights. Or whether residents of nearby societies want to be able to sit or walk in it after sundown.

Joint secretary of Harsukh Apartments, Ravi Jaitely, said, “Both parks are in such bad shape. Earlier with DDA being in charge, we tried to contact them to put in lights, but even now, after they have been handed over to SDMC, there has been no initiative to light up the parks.”

However, recently SDMC did instal new lights in one of the parks, which has an open gym. But what about the other park? Nope. It still remains a dark, brooding place for residents.

A group of residents who are part of a morning walkers’ club in the area, said the parks had become a security issue. One of the members of the club and a resident of Rashi Apartments, IS Khurana, said, “We don’t want to step into the park after dark, or even go anywhere near it. The streets around the park are also plunged in darkness after sundown. Civic bodies should look into this seriously.”

Residents say they have sent a number of letters to the civic bodies but there issue has remained unaddressed. A social worker and a resident of Brahma Apartments, Munish Kundra, said, “The park behind our society has electrical infrastructure but in a defunct state. The corporation should do something about it before Diwali.”

Let’s see if they do.

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