Noida Jalvayu Vihar's sewage woes continue


Noida Jalvayu Vihar's sewage woes continue

It will take at least two months to solve the problem. Till then residents have no choice but to get used to sewer water flooding the streets.

Noida Jalvayu Vihar's sewage woes continue Sewer water seen flooding the area

Residents of Jalvayu Vihar in Noida sectors 21 and 25 will have to wait some more to get rid of their sewage woes. The problem will only be solved when Noida Authority repairs the damaged drain at NTPC.

The drain, which passes along sectors 21 and 25, was damaged during the construction of an elevated road. Noida Authority had blocked the flow of sewage between NTPC, Sector 24, and Sector 25 to carry out the repair work. This caused the sewage to overspill and flow out on to the streets.

Squadron Leader (Retired) DP Goel, chairman of the Jalvayu Vihar RWA, told City Spidey that it has been more than seven months that he has taken up the issue with SK Gupta, project engineer, department of health, Noida Authority. But he said officials have paid no heed to the complaints. "The sewer water is flowing in reverse and the stench is forcing residents to take a detour while passing the H and N blocks of Sector 25," he added.

Officials of Noida Authority admitted to having received repeated complaints but said they were helpless as the drain was blocked for repairs. It will take at least two months to complete the repairs, they said.

Health inspector and in-charge of the area, SK Sharma, said, "Residents will have to wait till the civil department completes the repair work."