Hyde Park society residents up in arms against builder on maintenance charges
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Hyde Park society residents up in arms against builder on maintenance charges

The builder of the society in Noida stop services after a few residents stop payment of maintenance charges, as a dispute rages on. Protesting residents throw garbage in the builder’s office.

Hyde Park society residents up in arms against builder on maintenance charges Residents of Hyde Park on protest against the builder in the colony on Sunday

Residents of Hyde Park society in Sector 78, Noida, on Sunday held a demonstration against the high maintenance charges the builder is charging.

Accusing the builder of failure to provide services such as clubhouse, badminton courts and the like, residents said that their several mails to him reminding him of the services failed to evoke any replies. Neither was the builder providing these services as per the agreement, nor was he telling them as to when they could expect the services to start.

The builder had allotted the flats to residents in 2015 but the crucial compliance certificate was not yet secured from the Noida authorities, the residents alleged.

Trouble between the residents and the builder escalated after some residents stopped payment of maintenance charges. The builder stopped services of plumber, electrician, carpenter and garbage collection from October 1. All attempts to reach the builder and resolve the issue amicably failed.

As a mark of protest, the residents dumped garbage in the office of the builder.


Garbage dumped in the builder's office


Satendra Kumar, one of the residents, said “the builder has received only part compliance certificate from the Noida authorities and hence maintenance charges should apply only after the final CC is obtained”. He justified the stance of the residents saying that several facilities promised by the builder in the contract were yet to materialise.

The quality of construction was also very poor, he alleged, citing an example of a lift in K Tower that broke down. A month ago, one of the balconies in G Tower also fell down. The outside wall plastering was already peeling off and there was lot of seepage inside flats, he said. Waterlogging in the basement was causing its own problems.

Unfortunately, complaints against the builder with city magistrate, district magistrate and SSP failed to have any impact and no official was willing to act, he alleged.