How about quirky crochet toys this Diwali?
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How about quirky crochet toys this Diwali?

The mother-daughter duo of Hina Kamani and Camy, and their group, Krafty Threads, has been creating quite a splash at Diwali melas with their unique assortment of crocheted toys and knick-knacks.   

How about quirky crochet toys this Diwali?

How about crochet toys for Diwali gifts? Creative, isn’t it? If you are looking to purchase something different at Diwali melas, you will certainly find the work of Hina Kamani and Camy Kamani interesting.

They have been selling these toys at the Garden Estate Diwali mela in Sector 25, Gurgaon — a first for them as well. 

This mother-daughter duo has inspired other women to join them as well, and together they founded a group, Krafty Threads, in April this year.

While mother Hina has been crocheting for years, Camy felt inspired by her mother and grandmother, Nila Doshi.


Krafty Threads with its Diwali creations 


Though a passion, the platform has also provided a means of economic empowerment for the women involved.

Member Roochy Pandya, a tutor by profession, says, “I work with children, so my passion for crochet is an extension of that work. And I really enjoy doing them. It has given us a new sense of identity.”

Freelance editor and member Jayashree, who uses only her first name, loves gifting these creations to children. She says, “I love making them and they make for great gift items.”

One of the group members, Uma Patki, is a grandmother and she is enthusiastic about learning and mastering crocheting techniques.

Doshi, also a member, shares, "Crocheting and crafts have been twin passions for close to 50 years now. Using my creative skills to emancipate women is a source of great joy."

The group's mentor, Ritu Raina, has helped Krafty Threads to establish market links, giving this all-women enterprise a face. She worked with them to develop a collection and has provided their first-ever commercial platform. The team sold toys worth Rs 35,000 at the Garden Estate mela. 

This group also supports a cracker-free Diwali.