Gurgaon: Rallying for their right to clean air, people block Palam Vihar Road
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Gurgaon: Rallying for their right to clean air, people block Palam Vihar Road

The residents of Park View Residency and Mahindra Aura have been livid about the under-construction dusty road that has caused breathing problems. They have also been unhappy about the violation of NGT rules at the site. 

Gurgaon: Rallying for their right to clean air, people block Palam Vihar Road

Friday evening, traffic around the Palam Vihar Road was a veritable mayhem. The residents of Park View Residency, Block C2 and Mahindra Aura had blocked the road. This was done in a bid to protest against the incomplete construction of the road that has caused dust everywhere around leading to breathing problems. As the residents protested, the guards of Park View Residency stepped in to regulate the traffic. The residents also protested against the NGT rules flouted by the construction.

The councillor of the area, Rajesh Yadav arrived on site and assured the protestors that he would be addressing their concerns. Not to be allayed easily, the protesting residents refused to budge from the road. They were adamant even after Deepak Kumar, SHO reached the spot with his assurances. “We want the DCP to come and assure us of concrete action,” they chorused.

Inhaling fresh air is the most basic right that any citizen can ask for. We can’t wait to see people around us landing in hospitals and breathing their last, which unfortunately is already the case. So if the authorities continue to turn a blind eye, they have to face dire consequences from us,” said Pratibha Grewal Chaudhary , a resident of Park View Residency.

The air quality is simply appalling. Why do honest taxpayers have to suffer whenever the authorities neglect their duties? Why don't we have a right to put MCG officials or other government authorities behind bars when they don't deliver on their responsibilities? Why should we pay tax when we don't get any roads, clean water, or even clean air?’ questions Mansi Talwar.

Finally, Bharat Gogia, SDM Gurgaon North met the residents at the protest site and assured them of relevant remedial action. He also acknowledged that the concerns were genuine. Gogia has now created a Whatsapp group to involve the residents in the action taking process.