Dwarka: What lies beneath the underbrush in Sector 10?
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Dwarka: What lies beneath the underbrush in Sector 10?

What can be used by residents to access important parts of the neighbourhood now lies in disrepair.

Dwarka: What lies beneath the underbrush in Sector 10?

If you happen to live in Dwarka Sector 10, chances are that you have assumed that there is no pedestrian lane behind the residential societies Vinayak Apartments, Sanskriti Apartments and Apna Ghar Apartments. After all, there is only a mesh of garbage and wild bushes behind these apartments. The truth, however, is different. Underneath the garbage and underbrush there is actually a pedestrian lane people can use to reach nearby Metro stations and private schools.

So what happened to it?   

Civic apathy.

According to residents, the indifference of civic bodies is the reason this lane can no longer be used. Neither the municipal corporation, nor Delhi Development Authority has taken the onus of maintenance. Worse, the streetlights of this lane are defunct, turning it into a security threat.

Rakesh Kalsi, president of the Vinayak Apartments RWA, says, “I have seen this lane in bad shape for more than five years now. We somehow managed to get it cleaned in July by the municipal corporation workers. But not before they told us that the lane was in the jurisdiction of DDA and hence DDA should be responsible for its upkeep.”

When in good condition, this back lane was used by bikers. Today it is nothing more than a garbage dump. “We want this lane to be maintained, as it connects the Sector 10 Metro station and some private schools in the neighbourhood to our societies,” informed Kalsi.

Prateek Gaur, a resident of Sector 10, said, “This lane is a convenient short cut to the Golak Dham temple and the market. Civic bodies need to maintain it.”

“I had raised this issue when I met the mayor of SDMC, Kamaljeet Sehrawat. She had assured me that she would urge DDA to maintain the lane. However, even after three months, nothing has been achieved,” Kalsi added.