Residents want boundary walls
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Residents want boundary walls

The Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association, in the wake of numerous incidents of theft being reported from Noida, has written a letter to Noida Authority Chairman Rama Raman.

Residents want boundary walls

Alarmed by frequently reported cases of robbery in Noida, the Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association (FONRWA) drew the attention of Noida Authority Chairman Rama Raman towards the growing security threat to the residents.

In an official communique to the chairman, the FONRWA pointed out that the RWAs of several sectors conveyed their apprehension to Chief Project Engineer (Civil) A K Goel on November 31, 2015 at a meeting. Goel, they said has appreciated their concern and taken note of their demand for construction of boundary walls to ward off intruders.

The letter informed Raman that the RWAs, on their part, have installed CCTV cameras for security reasons. But felt installation of CCTV cameras is not enough to curb the incidence of robberies, house break-ins, burglaries etc. 

Hence, the FONRWA has sought some concrete measures from authorities to address the concern of the residents.

Speaking to CitySpidey, President of FONRWA N P Singh said, “I want Noida Authority to give due priority to the pleas of the RWAs in this regard and immediately undertake construction of the proposed boundary walls around the residential sectors across Noida.”