Class XI Ryan suspect looked up the internet on ways to remove fingerprints

Posted: Nov 12, 2017

After a three-day interrogation by the CBI, the Class XI student student suspected of the murder of Pradyuman Thakur, was finally sent to the observation home in Faridabad, where he is to remain until November 22. The CBI raid on his house for his mobile, laptop and hard disc revealed that his internet searches included those on poison and ways to remove fingerprints. 

The CBI told the Juvenile Justice Board presided over by Principal Magistrate Davender Singh that its critical investigation was complete and the student was being sent to an observation home in Faridabad.

The student will also undergo psychiatric assessment, which will help the board decide whether he would be tried as an adult. Earlier in the day, the student was taken to the crime scene, where he was made to re-create the crime scene for the CBI.

The student will now be kept at the observation home in Faridabad with 80 other inmates. 

However, the father of the accused student has accused the CBI of torturing his son into confessing to the murder.

“The CBI beat up my son for the confession,” said the father. One of the main concerns highlighted by the father was that the CBI went beyond the official hours of questioning a suspect. As per rules, a suspect can be questioned only between 10 am and 6 pm, but the CBI kept the accused for questioning until late.

The defence counsel of the suspect has now filed an application demanding action against the CBI.

The father added that his son was being framed. "He was the one who informed everyone of the murder and now he is being accused of the crime."

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