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No odd-even rollout as NGT refuses exemption for women and two-wheelers

Posted: Nov 14, 2017     By Praveen Dwivedi

The verdict is out. No odd-even scheme shall be implemented in Delhi now as the National Green Tribunal (NGT) today stated that there shall be no exemption for women and two-wheelers. The Kejriwal led Delhi government withdrew its petition before the Green Tribunal and informed the court that, it shall not be possible to implement the scheme without exempting around 32 lakh two-wheeler users and women.”

The government had filed a review petition yesterday before the Green Tribunal seeking its approval on exempting these two categories of commuters.  In response to the government’s argument the NGT stated, “Three would be no exemption for women and two-wheelers from the odd-even scheme whenever it is implemented on the Delhi roads.”

Reviewing Delhi government’s plea, the tribunal said that the government could run buses strictly for women during the days when ‘odd-even’ is being implemented. It questioned why this was not being done.  The tribunal also rebuked the government’s inability to manage the smog situation. NGT has categorically stated that the government should declare a health emergency in Delhi and apply necessary measures without delay whenever the particulate matter range touches the dangerous high of PM 2.5 and PM 10.

“This should be done particularly when the situation persists for over 48 hours. After all the government has to take onus of the fact that people are losing their health because of pollution levels,” an NGT representative stated.  

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