No progress in the murder of the Noida Sec 36 security guard

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Nov 16, 2017

Noida Police has still made no headway in catching the murderer of the security guard found dead in Sector 36 yesterday. The body of Girish Chandra Sharma was found in the lawn of a three-storey bungalow, with his head crushed by a heavy object on Wednesday morning. The body was discovered around 7 am by a fellow security guard who had come to the bungalow for a shift change.

Mukesh, son of the victim, says the family does not know who might have killed him and were looking solely at the police for tracking down the murderer.

Noida Police, however, did not have much to say other than that they had some “strong evidence” and would soon arrest the culprit.

This comes as an especially alarming response in the view of rising crime rates in the city.

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