Homes 121, Noida: A dissent etched in drawings
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Homes 121, Noida: A dissent etched in drawings

Residents have decided to voice their angst against Noida Authority for shifting the Sector 138A dumpsite to Sector 123 through a sketching competition for kids.

Homes 121, Noida: A dissent etched in drawings

Residents of Homes 121, a residential complex in Sector 121, Noida, are going to voice their angst against Noida Authority’s decision to shift a garbage site from Sector 138A to Sector 123. But they will do so in a unique way — through a theme-based drawing competition for children. Sectors 117 to 122 will be participating in the competition.

Residents believe the garbage dump will lead to severe health hazards — and the sketches made at the competition on Sunday will depict these issues.   

Abhay Pandey, a resident of Homes 121 and one of the event organisers, informed City Spidey that he has been asking residents of other neighbouring societies and AOA members to take part as well. Some, he says, are willing. 

The three winning sketches will be sent to the prime minister, Uttar Pradesh chief minister and other government bodies, so they can use them to exert pressure on Noida Authority and compel it to roll back its decision.

There are more than 30,000 families living in sectors 117 to 122, so the organisers are hoping for quite a few participants at the competition. 

Residents have also questioned Noida Authority’s decision to dump waste near residential clusters and the Hindon riverbed. “We are talking to all concerned residents to come out against this illegal move. About half a dozen housing complexes and three villages are located near the proposed garbage dump,” Pandey added.