Grow your own veggies in GreNo
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Grow your own veggies in GreNo

To combat rising pollution levels, the Greater Noida Development Authority organised a kitchen garden event for residents and distributed free vegetable saplings to all.

Grow your own veggies in GreNo The vegetable saplings distributed among GreNo residents

In an effort to curb pollution, Greater Noida Development Authority organised a green initiative on Saturday at the Sector Delta II nursery. The event, which was attended by residents of all Greater Noida sectors, saw the distribution of free vegetable saplings for residents to plant in their own kitchen gardens. Experts from the horticulture department also explained the benefits of having a kitchen garden.

Ruchi Sinha, a resident of Sector Alpha I, said, “We make our surroundings green by planting trees around our homes. But the Authority’s initiative to foster a green environment inside our homes is a good move and will benefit all of us.”

Diksha Sharma, a resident of Sector Delta 2, said, “A kitchen garden is a great idea. We will not only be able to grow our own vegetables but also help make our surroundings greener."

Anand Mohan Singh, senior manager, horticulture department, said, “Considering the way pollution levels are rising, it has become imperative that we plant trees. However, instead of doing a regular tree-planting drive, we decided to tackle the problem the kitchen-garden way."

Elam Singh Nagar, president of the Federation of Greater Noida RWAs (FOGRWA), said, “We support the Authority’s drive to introduce residents to the concept of the kitchen garden, and encourage the planting of trees. I urge residents from all sectors to plant the saplings distributed and help make Greater Noida greener and healthier.”


The event, organised by the Greater Noida Development Authority, was attended by experts from the horticulture department


A section of the vegetable saplings distributed at the event