Thanks to the callousness of DDA, dust and pollution are engulfing Dwarka!
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Thanks to the callousness of DDA, dust and pollution are engulfing Dwarka!

Organised dumping of Malba in vacant lands across the sub city has become a serious concern for people.

Thanks to the callousness of DDA, dust and pollution are engulfing Dwarka!

The surge of construction activity in Dwarka is translating to a civic menace. Waste materials from construction and demolition activity are being dumped in vacant lands across the sub city. Even green areas and metro corridors have become dumping grounds for trucks and tractors that transport raw materials for ongoing construction projects.

Ironically, the administration is feigning ignorance of these dumping activities despite the fact that an official ban on dumping has already been levied.  Needless to say these concrete and semi-concrete waste dumps are unleashing dust particles and adding to pollution levels. The vegetation cover of the adjoining areas is also getting damaged. .

Malba (construction waste) deposits can be clearly seen in Sector 8 under the metro line, in Sector 22 along the Master Plan Road, in the vacant lands of Sector 19 and 20 and in the vacant lands in front of the metro stations of Sector 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Some waste dumps are visible near schools like Sam International School in Sector 12 and Bal Bharti School. The vacant land behind Maxfort School in Sector 7 has become a regular dumping spot for construction trucks.

President of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Sector 22, Rejimon CK has been raising his voice against this rampant and illegal practice in the sub city.  He has even written to the DDA and other concerned authorities. Speaking to City Spidey he said, “Construction and Demolition Waste Rules 2016 cautions against the dumping of malba in vacant spots. However even the authorities have no provisions for properly disposing their own waste. Waste malba adds to dust pollution and creates environmental and health hazards.”

Rejimon CK shared this video with City Spidey that clearly depicts the seriousness  of the subject.  

Most of the lands which are being used for dumping construction waste are under DDA.  Residents say that if the authorities are adequately serious about stopping this practice they can stop it completely. Burnham Shashtri a resident of Sector 12 said, “All dumping activity is unfortunately happening in the knowledge of the civic authorities. Otherwise it is impossible for people to repeatedly dump such large amounts of construction debris. Infact this fact leads one to believe that the civic authorities are hand in glove with the culprits. It seems to be an organised nexus. However, people of Dwarka are suffering the brunt of this irresponsible phenomenon and hence it has to be stopped immediately.”

Chief Engineer DDA, Dwarka SN Singh said that the issue is known to DDA and planning is being done internally to stop the practice of malba dumping. However, Delhi Metro could not be contacted for a comment.