How Saya Zenith residents ensured vehicles spotted this speedbreaker on time

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Nov 28, 2017

Residents of Saya Zenith, Indirapuram, were very happy they had got Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) to construct a speedbreaker in front of their society about six months back. But there was a problem. It was almost invisible in the dark. And vehicles slowing down at the last minute made the stretch especially accident-prone.

Then there was the problem of the sound of screeching tyres, which, many residents said, kept them up at night.

So they decided to do something about it themselves. They installed reflective markers on the speedbreaker, along with a warning signboard on the median near it.

“We had initially painted white stripes on the speedbreaker with the help of the society maintenance staff, but the paint washed off during the rains,” said Pritam Kothadia, a resident.

Residents, especially of flats closer to the road, told City Spidey that they kept getting disturbed at night due to the screeching of tyres trying to avoid hitting the speed breaker at the last minute. “There have also been accidents at night,” said a resident.

“During one of our society meetings, us residents, along with Anuj Gupta, another resident involved in the business of reflectors and signages, decided to instal these reflectors near the speed breaker. We did this two days back and ever since, the screeching of tyres has stopped,” Kothadia added.

Bhushan Lal, a senior citizen who lives in a flat close to the road, said that he had to shift to another room to sleep due to the sound of tyres, and moving vehicles bumping into each other due to last-minute brakes. However, Lal said that the noise had substantially reduced in the past two days.

On being asked if they had contacted the authorities about the issue, residents said they had managed to get the speed breaker built after a lot of running around and did not want to bother the authorities at a time they were already involved in municipal election duties. “We decided to solve the problem ourselves,” said a resident.

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