Noida Authority’s new parking policy deferred till New Year
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Noida Authority’s new parking policy deferred till New Year

Under the new parking policy, land used for parking has been hiked to 4,42,000 sq m from  1,68,000 sq m. 

Noida Authority’s new parking policy deferred till New Year

Noida Authority has deferred its plans to hire fresh contractors to manage surface parking lots across the city by a month. So, the new parking police will now be operative from 2018.

According to a senior official with the authority, the old agreement with parking contractors for 41 sites across the city will be renewed for the month of December. Earlier it was said that the new policy would be operative from next month.

“The decision to extend old parking contracts has been taken by the Authority, as the companies for the new parking contracts for 96 sites are yet to be finalised. The entire plan is almost final and we have just pushed the implementation by a month,” confirmed Sandip Chandra, senior project engineer with Noida Authority.

Currently, there are around 41 authorised parking lots in Noida. As per the current policy, for a duration of 14 hours (from 9 am-11 pm), Noida Authority charges Rs 20 for parking four-wheelers and Rs 10 for two-wheelers along the roads in the markets.

“The contracts for the old tenders were supposed to be over by November-end, but they have been extended. We have already issued contracts for 60 new parking lots to fresh agencies through e-tenders in October,” Chandra added.

Despite having 41 authorised parking sites across the city, Noida traffic police revealed to the district authorities that “parking mafia” currently operates nearly 300 illegal parking lots.

Due to illegal parking on roads, several sectors have been rendered inaccessible to pedestrians, especially during peak hours. These include sectors 12, 18, 62, 51, 41, 27, 16, Naya Bans Village and Harola.  

Presently, Noida Authority is using 1,68,000 square m of land in various sectors for parking. Under the new parking policy, that figure will be hiked 4,42,000 sq m. Also, 96 places have been sanctioned for parking across 43 sectors.