Dwarka, Sector 12: Dark then, dark now!
Dwarka, Sector 12: Dark then, dark now!
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka, Sector 12: Dark then, dark now!
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

Dwarka, Sector 12: Dark then, dark now!

For a planned sub-city, Dwarka fares quite badly on several fronts, especially lighting. The area behind societies such as Gangotri Apartments, Sri Hari Apartments, Sahyadri Apartments, Shubham Apartments and Shivam Apartments in Sector 12 hardly has any provisions for light.

Some of the back lanes have been without light for more than five years, complained residents. The subject has been discussed at various forums, but nothing has been done by the authorities to ameliorate the situation.

President of Sri Hari Apartments, Sector 12, NC Mishra, said, “Just behind our society there is a streetlight pole that stands without any bulb. So the stretch is completely in dark at night. Also, there’s no light in the adjacent park and the stretch towards Sahyadri Apartments. It gets pretty risky after sundown.”

Pankaj, a resident of Abhiyan Apartments of the same sector, slammed the corporation for its slack approach. He said, “The area behind Pocket 1, near Gangotri Apartments in Sector 12, and behind Sector 12A (plotted area) is completely in dark at night. This has been the scene since 2012.The maintenance of these areas has not been given to BSES or any other contractor till date. Hence the poles are missing fittings. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) had taken Rs 34 lakh in March 2014 from the DDA, but has not undertaken pole replacement or repair works in the sector. The DDA is now asking for a refund, but the SDMC, of course, is not willing to return the money.”

Residents also feel police patrolling in the area must be increased till proper lighting is made available. Many have had to face incidents of snatching in the absence of light.

SK Singh, a resident of Gangotri Apartments, said, “The whole area behind our society has been in dark for years. We have been facing security issues. Open drinking and other illegal activities are happening in the area quite blatantly. The issue was raised in police-public meetings and also in meetings with the authorities, but nothing has happened so far.”

According to the residents, several complaints regarding defunct streetlights have been made to the BSES, but there has been no response.

Vice-president of BSES, SK Dagar, said he would look into the matter as soon as possible.