'You don't need to do a handstand to practise yoga'
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'You don't need to do a handstand to practise yoga'

Says Sweta Rai, a yoga practitioner from Exotica Elegance, Indirapuram. Know what it takes to stay fit without complex equipment and dietary supplements, straight from the horse's mouth.

'You don't need to do a handstand to practise yoga' Yoga expert Sweta Rai (centre)

A visit to her uncle in Jamshedpur some six years back turned into a life-changing experience for Sweta Rai, a yoga practitioner from Exotica Elegance in Indirapuram. A management professional back then, she decided to pick yoga both as a lifestyle and a full-time profession.

And looking back, she is thankful for the change. 

Her uncle, a long-time yoga practitioner himself, encouraged her to practise yoga, teaching her the benefits that came along with it. This brief introduction morphed into a steady passion. Rai soon enrolled herself at the Bihar School of Yoga as a full-time student.

Recounting her early experiences, Rai says, “I could not clear the exams on my first attempt. It was only on the second that I made it, and became a certified yoga teacher. There has been no looking back since.”

Rai was eager to share her experiences with others, and teaching was the obvious choice. “The experience I gathered changed my life for the better. I brought it back with me and chose to share it with the people around.”

Helping her spread her wings, her husband, Shashikant, and twins Aarya and Aayush, were the first to become her students. Neighbours soon followed.

City Spidey chats up with her on her yoga regimen.

Starting out with basic breathing exercises such as pranayama and a brief session of meditation can lead to a “magical rejuvenation” of the body from the stress in day-to-day life, feels Rai. And that's how she starts with her family. 

She adds, “Life becomes easy when the mind and the body are in sync. It helps get rid of imbalances such as depression, anger and other negative feelings. Also, it’s a simpler way to stay fit — gyms, snazzy equipment and dietary supplements are really not required to achieve balance. ”

Her students are mostly working women from high-rises. She organises yoga sessions for residents in and around Indirapuram under the banner Eternal Yoga.

And five to 30 minutes is all it takes, assures Rai. “One does not have to do handstands or complex asanas to practise yoga. Just enhanced breathing and basic stretching can get your day going. It is always better to consult an expert, learn the basics first and then slowly develop oneself.”

“Eat, pray, work and yoga — that’s my secret to healthy living,” concludes the expert.