Lawyer representing Gurgaon Ryan murder accused alleges intimidation by police

Juvinile accused in the Ryan murder case being taken to court
By Reena Dhankher
Photo: Reena Dhanker, City Spidey
Posted: Dec 03, 2017

In a high-voltage drama on Saturday night, Sushil K Tekriwal, the lawyer representing the accused in the Gurgaon Ryan International murder case, alleged that he was assaulted by three policemen in uniform outside Ashoka hotel, Chanakyapuri. His wife alleged that he was assaulted after they were coming out of the hotel after having dinner on Saturday night.

"He was assaulted by the men with guns and asked to stay away from the case,” Dr Mamta Tekriwal, his wife, said. However, the Delhi police dismissed these allegations and said he was only stopped by policemen as the Prime Minister’s cavalcade was about to pass by and he refused to comply with the request.

Chief spokesperson, Delhi Police, Dependra Pathak, said, “The policemen on the spot were doing their job. The policemen requested him to stop for a brief while but he refused to oblige. His allegations are bereft of truth."

While his wife alleged that Tekriwal was threatened for fighting the Ryan case, the police have a different story to tell.

BK Singh, DCP (New Delhi), said, "The policemen had no idea who he was or what his name was.  He stated his name and that he was associated with the Ryan case."

Dr Mamata also alleged that she was trying to record the incident when she was pushed and fell down. However, the video that was released depicted a different story and showed the couple provoking the Delhi police officials.

The police officials were politely trying to stop him from intruding into the VVIP route, the senior police officials maintained. Dr Mamata’s allegation that police had assaulted her husband were flatly denied.

No case has been registered in the matter so far.

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