Illegal shops on Dakshin Marg pose security risk, allege residents
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Illegal shops on Dakshin Marg pose security risk, allege residents


Residents of DLF City Phase 2 in Gurgaon bemoan that authorities ignored all their pleas to remove encroachments on the busy road before road re-carpeting work, which has now started. MCG promises to resolve this before it takes over the area.

Illegal shops on  Dakshin Marg pose security risk, allege residents Road re-carpeting work in progress on Dakshin Marg, DLF CIty Phase 2

Residents of DLF City Phase 2 have demanded the removal of encroachments on Dakshin Marg (DM) that hamper vehicular traffic as the unauthorised shops jut out onto the roads. The residents are demanding the removal of encroachments before the re-carpeting work of the roads is taken up.

The authorities are dragging their feet on the issue, the residents allege. In fact, the authorities have allowed the encroachments on the stretch and several shops had mushroomed in the area.

Soon, the maintenance of the area is to handed over to the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. The residents hope that the civic body will demolish the shops built in clear violation of norms.

“The road expansion work on Dakshin Marg has begun and it will be extended by three metres on both sides. Interlocking tiles are also being put as part of the road expansion project. While it would surely make the road look a lot better, I am not sure if it would make commuting easier or would add to the parking menace on the road,” Gaurav Wahi, resident of DLF 2, said.

This road is an important one as it connects several blocks and also leads to then National Highway No 8. Members of the residents’ welfare association said commuting on the stretch of the road is a challenge, also due to the fact that vehicular traffic is rarely regulated resulting in a chaos.

“We are not sure whether the rapid commercialisation would take a hit or would be encouraged due to the widening of the road. There has been no support from authorities with regard to the proposal to set up gates, despite promises,” Vinod Tayal, vice-president, RWA, DLF 2, said.

Meanwhile, road re-carpeting work has begun in an indication that the authorities had simply ignored the pleas of the residents.

 “The removal of encroachment is important as it is a major safety and security issue for us. Outsiders visit these shops and most of the time, vehicles are parked on the road, impeding the vehicular traffic. Even residents find it difficult to navigate the stretch, even walking at times,” Ramesh Kumar Yadav, resident of Dakshin Marg and a social activist, said.

MCG spokesperson SS Rohilla said that they have asked the developer to address the deficiencies in infrastructure before the colony is handed over to the civic body. “If residents have any issues, the corporation will look into it,” he said.

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Amlesh kumar Vishwakarma
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