Indirapuram residents rescue abandoned 'gods' left out in the open to decay
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Indirapuram residents rescue abandoned 'gods' left out in the open to decay

Concerned about the heap of discarded idols of gods and goddesses strewn under peepal trees, residents collected several hundreds of these idols in varying stages of decay, and buried them, so they merge with the Mother Earth.

Indirapuram residents rescue abandoned 'gods' left out in the open to decay Hundreds of abandoned idols being respectfully given a proper retreat

Residents of several societies in Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram, came out today to provide a proper retreat to discarded idols of gods and goddesses left under trees.

According to residents, the idols, mostly of Lakshmi, Ganesha, Hanuman and other Hindu gods, were left strewn under peepal trees around their societies. Residents collected the idols and later buried them in a pit they had dug in Tikona Park, a green recreation area in the locality.

Residents said that several hundreds of such idols were collected from the stretches near Gaur Green City, HRC Professional Hub and Amrapali Green.

“These idols used mostly in household pujas are left under peepal trees once prayers are over. People often leave broken idols and pictures of gods under peepal trees, as these are considered holy, but they gradually degrade over time,” said Jigyasu Pant, a resident of Gaur Green City who had taken part in the early-morning drive.

Speaking to City Spidey, Anuja Chadha, resident of GC Grand, said that it felt bad to see idols of gods and goddesses in such a condition. “You worship them and then you leave them outside to crumble. Some of the idols we collected were new and left here not more than a day back,” Chadha said.

“One must not leave the idols outside like this. There are better ways to dispose of them. After performing pujas, the idols can be left in a bucket of water, so they disintegrate and turn back into clay, which can be put back into flower pots,” she added,on being asked about a better way to dispose of the idols.

Residents are now planning to take the drive to other areas of the township.

“We are planning to conduct such drives around other societies, and we will also put up signboards in the area requesting people not to leave the idols out like that,” said Ajay Sood, another resident of GC Grand.


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