When residents broke open Alpha II gates
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When residents broke open Alpha II gates

With just one entry and exit point into the Greater Noida sector, furious residents broke down all the ten gates kept locked by the RWA. Were outsiders involved?

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Residents of Sector Alpha II, Greater Noida, and the sector RWA are caught in a deadlock.

Tensions started brewing when the RWA locked ten of the sector gates, leaving just one open for the entry and exit of residents. Angry and greatly inconvenienced, residents met RWA representatives and requested them to open the other gates, but the RWA didn't relent, citing security issues. 

However, by Sunday evening, the residents had had enough. A group of irate residents broke down all the locked gates of the sector. 

Representatives of the RWA approached the local police and complained about the incident, alleging that the group had also fired shots in the air.

Naveen Bhati, RWA president, told City Spidey that about ten days ago, some residents broke all the locks of the sector gates. He said the RWA had then taken the police's help to secure the locks more firmly. But this time, the residents went one step further and broke down all the gates of the sector.

The local police, however, has an entirely different story to tell. Inspector Anil Pratap, station officer at Kasna police station, told City Spidey that RWA representatives charged Rs 20 from every auto rickshaw that entered the sector. So if residents had to enter the sector in an auto rickshaw, they had to shell out more money, as a result of which they had to pay off the auto at the gate and walk to their houses. Furious at this, the residents broke down the sector gates.

Abhishek Yadav, superintendent of police, Greater Noida, told City Spidey that he had called a meeting with the RWA and the group of angry residents. He said that the police would try to get the matter resolved amicably. "However, investigations are on, and if we find that outsiders were involved in bringing down the gates, strict action will be taken," he added.