Homebuyers of Jaypee Group can now register their claims online
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Homebuyers of Jaypee Group can now register their claims online

However, buyers feel that the website lacks clarity.

Homebuyers of Jaypee Group can now register their claims online

On the directions of the Supreme Court, which is dealing with the Jaypee insolvency case, Pawan Shree Agrawal, the amicus curiae (an impartial adviser to the court) in the case, launched a website for homebuyers  where they can register their claims online. Homebuyers can log in to www.amicusjaypee.in 

In September this year, the apex court had directed the real estate major to deposit a sum of Rs 2000 crore as refund money for homebuyers. Interestingly, only Rs 275 crores have been deposited until now. An additional sum of  Rs 275 crores shall be deposited by this year end that still leaves an alarming deficit of Rs 1450 crores.   

To initiate their claims, buyers have to upload an attested and notarised affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs 10 or more, specifying their requirement (either flat or money) along with details of the flat, the villa or plot allotted. In addition to this, they have to mention the project in which they have invested, their bank details and the amount they have paid. Buyers also have to upload a scanned copy of a valid photo ID, which can be their Aadhaar card, their Pan card or their passport.

A WhatsApp number, 9818633606, has been provided for clarification or assistance. However, this will be available only after 5 pm on weekdays. The claims arrangements are different for NRI buyers.

Pramod Kumar, a homebuyer, said, “We don’t understand why we have to fill out a fresh set of documents. After all, we have already filled Form C, which was offered to us by the insolvency resolution professional.”

Kumar also said that there was no clarity on the website about financial resolution. “It is unclear whether buyers will get any interest on their investment,” he added.