Now, door-to-door waste collection for I'puram homes
Now, door-to-door waste collection for I'puram homes
Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Now, door-to-door waste collection for I'puram homes

Now, door-to-door waste collection for I'puram homes

To implement a more efficient garbage-collection procedure in Indirapuram, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has started a door-to-door collection of household waste. The waste is being collected by tractor trolleys provided by hired agencies, with a recorded message continually playing in the background to urge residents to hand over the garbage.

A uniformed member of staff of the agency accompanies the trolley, and collects the garbage from the main gate of the building, where residents leave the waste.

Speaking to City Spidey, SKS Chauhan, assistant engineer, GDA, said, “The procedure had been started about a month back, but has been implemented properly only in the past few days. The service is, however, limited to low-rise households of Indirapuram alone.”



According to officials, two private agencies have been appointed for the job for a year. The service does not translate into any extra cost for residents and is provided against the monthly maintenance charge paid by them.

Residents have welcomed the initiative, as it will save them the money paid to local garbage collectors, who are often irregular. However, they maintained that trolleys must pick up garbage at a scheduled time, since most residents leave for office by 9 in the morning.

Expressing doubts, Krishan Chaudhary, a Shakti Khand resident, said, “Although it is a reliable process, the trolleys will have to collect garbage in the morning around 8 am. Most households have working couples, who leave for office by 9 am, and cannot afford to wait for the trolley.”

But what about measures to oversee regular execution of duties by the collection staff?

Chauhan responds, “The agencies have to pay penalties for not performing their duties. One of these agencies was recently fined Rs 10,000 for not sending an extra staff with the trolley. The fine amount will be deducted from their payments or security deposits.”