Jayant and Dipti Singh, parents of the deceased Addya Singh
Photo: File pic
Haryana government slams Gurgaon Fortis for Addya’s death

Posted: Dec 06, 2017     By Akhilesh Pandey

The Haryana government has slammed Gurgaon’s Fortis Memorial for the death of 7-year-old dengue patient Addya Singh.

In a report taken out by the government, the hospital has been charged with mismanagement and overcharging, leading to a staggering bill of Rs 16 lakh. The report brings respite to the aggrieved father, Jayant Singh.

The report also speaks of inhuman behaviour meted out to the parents, and cheating by the management. It says costlier medicines were deliberately used during the treatment, violating the rules of the Indian Medical Association. It further says even the parents’ signatures were forged on some of the papers. It has also been mentioned that the ambulance that was used for the patient was not equipped with basic facilities.

An FIR will be lodged against the hospital, according to the report.

A notice has been sent to the blood bank of the hospital for overcharging of platelets during treatment of dengue, and its licence could be cancelled. Also, the case of dengue was not informed to the CMO, which is an offence in itself.

The father said that he would take the matter to the consumer court, and see it through.

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