Will resident participation rid Dwarka of its dark stretches?

A Sector 12 stretch at night
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Dec 08, 2017

Dwarka’s residents believe in maximum participation. And this time, they are working alongside Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to locate dark stretches. The information thus gathered is being sent directly to the electrical department of DDA.

From Sector 12, Pankaj of Abhiyan Apartments is coordinating with DDA. He has floated messages on various WhatsApp groups, other forums and, of course, Facebook, encouraging people to identify these dark spots. Similarly, Munish Kundra of Brahma Apartments has taken the onus for Sector 7.

The information is being sent to the superintending engineer of the electrical department in Manglapuri — either on phone or in writing. The number is 011-25034020.

Pankaj is also a member of Dwarka Forum. He says, “The electrical department of DDA started this initiative, so residents could lead them to the problem areas. It’s certainly a good idea, and people are participating willingly. I have shared the information on my social media groups, and messages are pouring in from different sectors.”

In Sector 12, shares Pankaj, four electric poles are missing behind Park View Apartments in Plot 15; there are fittings missing from a pole behind New Arohi Apartments in Plot 13, behind KM Apartments in Plot 12, near Bal Bhavan School, and near the toilet block in the market.

He adds, “We are regularly sharing information with DDA. I think by December we’ll be able to locate all the dark spots. People are sharing details, with exact locations. A certain Anil Khanna mentioned a dark spot near Mahabhadrakali Apartments in Sector 13, and Pradeep Bansal shared information on a pole with the number S-6/92 in Sector 6 behind Katyayani Apartments.”

Kundra from Brahma Apartments said, “This is our sub-city, and we need to participate to improve things around this place. So people, please come forward.”

In Dwarka, public participation is steadily growing — be it in community policing or working on potholes. Just recently, residents were seen plastering red reflector tapes on poles that stood in the middle of sector roads.

Great going, people!

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