Horticulture waste or solid waste… Which is the bigger civic issue in Dwarka?
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Horticulture waste or solid waste… Which is the bigger civic issue in Dwarka?

Neither SDMC, nor DDA has taken the responsibility of implementing a proper system for disposing of this kind of waste in the sub-city.

Horticulture waste or solid waste… Which is the bigger civic issue in Dwarka? A pile of horticultural waste near Netaji Subhash Apartments in Sector 13

Of late City Spidey has been carrying accounts of how Dwarkaites are contending with horticultural waste strewn about in the neighbourhood. While the issue of horticultural waste lying unattended on vacant lands and corners is looming large in the sub-city, conscientious residents across sectors are struggling to devise effective means of managing solid waste as well.

Ironically, there has not been much assistance from South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) or Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Household waste is often callously dumped near societies. Moreover, garbage is strewn around on roads and footpaths. For instance, those near Netaji Subhash Apartments, Sector 13, are always an ugly spectacle, with garbage overflowing from a dump almost 50 m wide! Horticultural waste, too, is piled on the sides. 

In the words of Raj Kumar Singh, a resident of the area, “Neither SDMC, nor residential societies have a proper system to manage waste, and this is evident from the condition of these residential lanes.”

Pruning is rampant in the sub-city. However, this, too, is causing a backlash to the environment.

Be it DDA that prunes the trees on the roads or the RWAs inside societies and DDA pockets, there is no proper way to dispose of the waste. The municipal corporation blatantly ignores this and only attends to waste deposited in dustbins. To make matters worse, the corporation and DDA have an ongoing jurisdiction dispute in relation to green waste lying on roads.

Ashok Kumar, an environment activist and a resident of Sector 11, says, “The sub-city lacks a system for tackling horticultural waste. The issue has never been taken seriously by the civic bodies.”

The subject of horticulture waste has been raised in public meetings of MCD and DDA by thethe RWAs and residents. “The municipal corporation had instructed the societies and RWAs through circulars to assist the management of such waste. They had directed people to make composting pits. However, nothing has happened,” said Sarita Das, a resident of Sector 4.