Juvenile Justice Board postpones order on Ryan murder case to December 13

Lawyers of the Juvenile Justice Board
Photo: Reena Dhankher
Posted: Dec 09, 2017

The Juvenile Justice Board has decided to hear various applications pertaining to the Ryan International School murder case on Wednesday, December 13.

Today in a hearing that lasted for over two hours, the board first heard the application that CBI had submitted for obtaining the fingerprints of the juvenile. CBI has stated that these fingerprints are critical for the investigation of the case.

"Today we have argued on the application for fingerprints where the CBI has asked that the juvenile in conflict with law be directed to give his specimen finger prints. We have opposed the plea of CBI and also argued on the application regarding the notice which was served upon the father of the juvenile in conflict with law.  The board has given patient hearing to all parties and now the hearing has been adjourned for December 13 for orders on the application" said Sandeep Aneja, legal counsel of the juvenile in conflict with law.

The Juvenile Justice Board also heard the plea for the juvenile in conflict with law, to be treated as adult. However, the order for the same was reserved.

From the legal counsel of the juvenile in conflict with law, an application was filed wherein he requested the board to pass necessary orders for stopping his name from appearing in the CBI documents. 

Incidentally, the earlier application filed by the lawyer of the juvenile in conflict with law, where it was alleged that CBI had questioned the juvenile beyond permissible hours, was withdrawn. 

The psychological and the social development report of the accused still lay sealed and was not shown. 


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