Here's why residents of Unitech Escape are so happy with their RWA

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Posted: Dec 09, 2017

A large-scale tank-cleaning activity is being carried out at Unitech Escape, in Sector 50, Gurgaon, owing to several complaints of diarrhoea and stomach infection among residents. The activity is being carried out in phases and will be spanning all seven functional towers at the condominium. The cleaning will be carried out in the afternoon, so residents are not inconvenienced.

According to Dr Sanjay Wazir, director of a private hospital in Gurgaon, “Water-borne diseases are conditions caused by pathogenic micro-organisms that are transmitted through water. Diarrhoea, malaria, gastroenteritis and typhoid are all water-borne disease.”

The past few weeks have seen an increasing number of cases of stomach infection among residents of Escape, and this has become a common point of discussion in the society. Taking note of the situation, the proactive RWA members promptly started the tank-cleaning process, starting with the tower where the cases of infection were the highest.

Rahul Rajan, a resident of Tower 5, said, “Both my sons and some of their friends complained of the same symptoms, such as vomiting and stomach pain. Considering they go to different schools, the only common thread was the water source. Thankfully, our society and management took quick cognizance of the situation.”

The results of the water samples sent for testing are awaited, but until then the residents are satisfied that the RWA members have done something to control the situation.

Neha Maheshwari, a resident of Tower 6, said, “The activity is not only beneficial for all of us living here, but was also carried out in a proper manner to ensure residents could store enough water for times when supply may be restricted.”

According to Dr Wazir, one should take the following precautions to avoid the risk of infection:

  • Avoid street food
  • Wash hands properly
  • Use boiling water
  • Change RO cartridges timely

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