'Petiquette' for pet owners of Niho Scottish Gardens
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'Petiquette' for pet owners of Niho Scottish Gardens

The AOA of this Indirapuram society has put up signboards to point out basic rules to be kept in mind when walking pets inside — and outside the gates.

'Petiquette' for pet owners of Niho Scottish Gardens

Are you aware of “petiquette”? Here’s a basic rule: Don’t leave your pet’s droppings unattended in the open. The AOA of Niho Scottish Gardens in Indirapuram has put up signboards saying as much on the stretch along the society.

Speaking to City Spidey, AOA members said that although pet members followed “petiquette” inside the society, the same rules were forgotten outside. Many pet owners didn't bother cleaning up the droppings when outside the gates.



“We have put up these boards, so people who relieve their pets outside the society can understand that their actions directly affect the cleanliness and hygiene of the area. It is an appeal to residents to keep the neighbourhood clean. Residents from several other societies have also united to conduct a similar drive in their societies,” said AOA member Kapil Singhal.

Sumedha Iyer, district president of People For Animals (Ghaziabad), said that the initiative would certainly be a big step towards educating pet owners and help keep the neighbourhood clean.



She maintained that such initiatives should not be misrepresented by people who do not like pets or are opposed to them. “Although pet owners must follow such guidelines, they cannot be pressurised or fined for not following the rules.”