Criminals, beware! In Dwarka you will now find it hard to escape surveillance

Photo: Securitysystemsinkerala.blogspot.in
Posted: Dec 14, 2017

The police force and MLAs in charge of Dwarka have taken a decision to fortify the security system of the subcity by installing hundreds of CCTV cameras at strategic locations. According to Dwarka Police a report based on a survey has cited a requirement for 450 CCTV cameras.

The MLAs are going to provide CCTV cameras per a government scheme. These cameras shall cover all public places and streets within and outside residential societies that are in need of tighter vigilance. According to sources the installation of CCTV cameras shall start by the end of January and currently the tenders are being circulated.

MLA of Palam Assembly, Bhavna Gaur told City Spidey, “We are constantly in touch with the police and the RWAs of residential societies on this subject. The SHO of my area has given me an estimate of the number of cameras that are required for better policing. Exact details of the locations in which these need to be installed have also been given.”

Dwarka falls under the jurisdiction of three assemblies which include Matiala, Palam and Bijwasan. Matiala Assembly is the biggest assembly that covers most of the sectors of the subcity. The entire subcity has about 350 Cooperative Group Housing Societies and 50 DDA pockets.

Residents have welcomed this initiative of the Dwarka Police and Delhi Government. They have expressed that the move will go a long way in terms of eradicating crime in the subcity. President of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9 and president of Ganpati Apartments, KS Bhati said, “This is indeed a praiseworthy step. The places that are vulnerable to crime should get these CCTV cameras first.” 

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