Partying in Noida Sec 18 this NYE? Here are 13 traffic details you should know

Photo: Mouthshut.com
Posted: Dec 30, 2017

If you are planning to party in Noida this New Year’s Eve, especially around Sector 18, here are a few traffic details you might want to keep in mind.

1. Parking has been arranged on roadsides along the stretches from HDFC Bank to Somdatt Tower, Somdatt Tower to Radisson Blue Hotel, Ebony Chowk to the electricity office intersection, and HDFC Bank to the Sector 17 graveyard. Vehicles can also be parked near Gates 3, 4, 5 and 6 of GIP Mall.

2. Vehicles coming from near the entry of DLF Mall, close to the drain, cannot go back or take a U-turn They have to reach their destination via Atta Chowk.

3. Vehicles from Atta Chowk heading towards HDFC Bank can reach Radisson Blue Hotel in a single lane.

4. Stretches from the nursery intersection to Atta Chowk, and from the Sector 18 Metro station to Atta Peer, have been declared no-parking zones.

5. Diversions will be active from 4 pm to 2 am.

6. Both the turns towards Sector 18 from Gurudwara will be blocked.

7. No entry for vehicles from under the Sector 18 Metro station towards the sector. Vehicles can only exit via this road.

8. Vehicles cannot enter Sector 18 from the roads near Mosaic hotel. Vehicles can only exit the sector via this road.

9. Vehicles will not be allowed to travel to Sector 18 from the Radisson intersection towards the Lakshita store.

10. Vehicles cannot ply towards the Sector 18 police post from Somdatt Tower. Vehicles can be parked on the double-lane stretch near Somdatt Tower.

11. The road from the Sector 17-18 water supply intersection towards the nursery intersection may be closed, depending on the traffic situation.

12. Vehicles cannot move from the Kebab Factory towards Ebony Chowk. Vehicles can be parked on the stretch from Kebab Factory to the Radisson intersection.

13. Vehicles will not be allowed to enter Sector 18 from the electricity office intersection. Vehicles can only exit the sector from this route.

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