Gurgaon traffic police wins the battle against road fatalities
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Gurgaon traffic police wins the battle against road fatalities

Police data shows a fall in number of fatalities and accidents as compared to previous years, as a result of aggressive and intensive operations against drunk driving.

Gurgaon traffic police wins the battle against road fatalities

Gurgaon traffic police’s intensive drive against drunk driving appears to have made a difference with a fall in the number of night-time accidents.

According to data released by Gurgaon Police, the incidence of night accidents have dipped by 20 per cent.

Last year, 3,081 people were fined as compared to 5,500 people until October 31 this year. The Gurgaon police records show that the number of accidents at night has come down to 361 this year, as compared to 453 last year— a dip of 20 per cent.

The police attributes this dip to their aggressive anti-drink driving operations.

The overall number of fatal accidents has also come down.

Last year, there were 410 fatal accidents; this year, this number fell to 350.  Significantly, there has been a dip in the number of fatal accidents during day time as well. Last year, 748 accidents were reported during the day. This year, 620 accidents were reported in the day, which is 17 per cent less than the 2016 figure.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said this improvement was the result of extensive and aggressive on-the-spot surveys by traffic police.

“After each fatal accident, we evaluate the spot and discuss the reasons for the accident. Prompt action is taken. The investigating officer fills a form after visiting the accident spot along with the road safety officer and then the evaluation report is prepared,” Khirwar added.

Armed with extensive data collected over the past year, the traffic police have identified 32 accident-prone stretches, also called the dark spots. 

“In most cases, accidents take place because of jaywalking and people driving against the flow of the traffic,” Khirwar said.

Maximum accidents have taken place at Iffco Chowk, followed by Shankar Chowk. Jaywalking is to be blamed for most accidents at Shankar Chowk and at Rajeev Chowk. Driving against the flow of the traffic causes most accidents at Signature Tower; speeding is to be blamed for most fatal accidents at Sidhrawali crossing. Hero Honda Chowk has also emerged as an accident-prone spot.

“We are also trying to increase the visibility of police personnel at night by introducing reflective jackets and hand gloves. We are also providing our men with face masks,” Khirwar said, adding that they have been able to procure body cameras.

In more steps taken by the government to curb fatal accidents, the Chief Minister’s Good Governance Associate (CMGGA) was deployed in the city. They work closely with the Gurgaon traffic police.

Also, with 360 new police personnel joining last week, the Gurgaon police is slowly increasing its numbers. They have been taking the assistance of home guards, road safety officers, 50 personnel from Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) for traffic management to help the city traffic police personnel.


Gurgaon figures till November 30, 2017:


Year                                              Deaths                                        Accidents  

2013                                                487                                               1115

2014                                                430                                               1177

2015                                                432                                               1142

2016                                                420                                               1201

2017                                                413                                               1091