Dwarka: Residents table concerns over water bills before MLA

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Jan 08, 2018

In a meeting organised by the Confederation of Dwarka Sub-City this weekend at the conference hall of Iskcon temple in Sector 13, residents and managements of various societies across Dwarka put forth their concerns regarding water bills issued by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB).   

The meeting was presided over by the MLA of Matiala Assembly, Gulab Singh Yadav. He added that between January 10 and 20, a meeting would be organised with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the CEO of DJB.

People demanded relief from sewerage charges at the meeting. They also said that owing to shortage of water and fluctuations in supply, borewells were needed in many societies. They urged the MLA to take up the issues with DJB. Sanitation, security, electricity, footpaths and other civic issues were also discussed.   

Responding to their concerns, the MLA said that DJB was carrying out a survey on the status of the rainwater harvesting systems and borewells in societies across the sub-city. He also assured that the discrepancies in water bills would be addressed promptly.  

President of the confederation, LP Bhattacharya, said to City Spidey, “We are trying to resolve the discrepancies in water bills. We met the chief minister at his office and apprised him of the problems.  We have also submitted a memorandum.”

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