Miscreants are making hay in Sushant Lok in the cover of unpruned trees

By Reena Dhankher
Photo: arrianemason17.deviantart.com
Posted: Jan 11, 2018

Residents of Gurgaon's Sushant Lok 1 are disgruntled with the existing security arrangements of the area. Recently anti-social elements have tampered with a SUV car in C Block. This happened at the dead of night.

Most residents are of the opinion that the overgrown trees and dysfunctional street lights are lending cover to the anti-social elements and hence they are demanding the authorities to undertake tree pruning drives and make the street lights functional. 

Around 30 houses that are located around parks have experienced burglary attempts in the recent past. Often the burglars have attempted to steal cars.   

“Despite repeated reminders our builder refused to provide satisfactory security measures. Hence 29 of us have pooled in money and appointed two security guards to guard the lanes,” said Dr Krishna Mahapatra, a resident of C Block. 

Incidents of crime have spiralled in the last four days. Though guards have spotted people tampering with cars and house doors they have been unsuccessful in nabbing them as the miscreants could easily flee in the dark (owing to the non functional streetlights and overgrown tree branches). 

“It is the duty of the RWA to ensure that regular pruning is done and the street lights are working, ” said Sudhir Sachdeva, founder My Sushant Lok.

Speaking to City Spidey, Dr A K Nagpal, president RWA Sushant Lok said, “The wires of the street lights often get entangled in trees and hence before pruning we need to disconnect the power. For this permission has to be secured from powerhouses. Almost 60 percent of pruning work has already been completed and the rest will be completed by January 20. Regarding defunct street lights the residents need to inform Profac, the maintenance agency.”


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