Dwarka: Adopt a tree, give a job!
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Dwarka: Adopt a tree, give a job!

In one of the recent initiatives of Green Circle, members can adopt a tree, pay Rs 750 and engage a person to look after the sapling.

Dwarka: Adopt a tree, give a job! Secretary of Green Circle, V Selvarajan, at the venue

Here’s how you can increase your green footprint…adopt a tree, pay Rs 750 and engage a person to look after the tree. This novel way of spreading the message of green across Dwarka has been introduced by a volunteer residents’ organisation of minded individuals from across sectors and societies, which goes by the name Green Circle.  

The group, with 20 participants as of now, is presently planting trees in the DDA park adjacent to Diamond Square Apartments in Sector 6. So far, they have planted 60 trees and many of them have been adopted by the members.

Secretary of Green Circle, V Selvarajan, said, “We are developing the park and increasing greenery and, at the same time, we are providing a job to someone who needs it. It’s a win-win.”

Members like IM Khanna adopted four trees after their grand children, while AK Parashar adopted two and Nidhi Gupta adopted one. They have planted trees like Ficus, Neem, Peepal, Jamun and Banyan in the park.

DDA staff and volunteers from the society and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) are also supporting the cause of Green Circle. “We get contribution for maintenance and look after the plants for Rs 750 per tree, which is a one-time contribution. We take care of the plants till they no longer need external support, say for three years at least. The people who adopt trees have their name painted on the tree guards. We get tree guards transported from other locations for reuse,” shared Selvarajan.

The drive is expected to continue for a few more days.

Sudha Sinha, a resident of Sector 22, and secretary of Federation of CGHS — also the chairperson of Green Circle — has adopted four trees after her kids and parents. She said, “This is really a great thing to do. This makes us feel responsible, and we can do our bit for nature. Such initiatives should be more widely adopted by the community.”