Feedback can add to Gurgaon's rank in the Swachh Bharat Survey

By Reena Dhankher
Photo: psicopico.com
Posted: Jan 23, 2018

The MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurugram) has recently concluded a training for its sanitation department. The training included several parameters that are integral in terms of improving the hygiene levels of the city.

The sanitation department was also trained to educate residents about the importance of lending feedback (on its cleanliness drives/initiatives) through the Swachh Bharat app, the Swachh Bharat website or through the telephonic survey conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development.

Of the total 4000 points covered during the training module, 1400 points revolved around feedback alone. In 2016, when feedback had not been actively encouraged in the interactive sessions between sanitation workers and residents, Gurgaon had ranked 36th (out of 73 cities) as far as the Swachh Bharat Survey is concerned. However, the score improved in 2017 with an emphasis on feedback. In 2017 the city ranked 112th out of 434 cities.

By encouraging feedback, the sanitation department is also urging residents to increase their participation. “We want Gurgaon to be ranked high in terms of civic hygiene and this can happen only if the residents engage actively in the initiatives. Our workers are reiterating the importance of feedback and hence this year the scores should further improve,” said SS Rohilla, public relations officer, MCG.

In the course of the feedback garnered last year, 11% of the residents said that the city is always clean, 13% said they are able to find dustbins easily and 31% said that there is daily door-to-door collection of waste. Moreover, 13% residents felt that public toilets are spaced within distances of 500 metres while 9% felt that there is basic infrastructure available at public and community toilets.

The Swachh Bharat Survey this year will cover as many as 4041 cities and will reach Gurgaon in February. 


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