Clean, green and beautiful Dwarka: Residents on a mission
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Clean, green and beautiful Dwarka: Residents on a mission

Following greenification of Ashirvad Chowk, the residents turn their attention to Janki Chowk.

Clean, green and beautiful Dwarka: Residents on a mission

The community of Dwarka is on a mission to make their chowks clean and green. Under the aegis of Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies, members of two social organisations, Green Circle and Parmarthi, are carrying out a campaign to clean the major chowks of the area. Today they cleaned Janki Chowk at Sector 22.

Members of other organisations like Dwarka Hello Moms were also present and participated in the work. General Secretary of Federation, Sudha Sinha, said, “We have started this campaign to send a message that we should be keeping the subcity clean. Today we cleaned Janki Chowk and a few days later we shall be cleaning another chowk. We clean, we paint and we plant saplings. So the concept essentially is clean, green and beautiful Dwarka.”

According to the people involved in the campaign, prior to Janki Chowk they had cleaned Ashirvad Chowk. The people have planted saplings in the vacant areas around the chowks, installed fences and even painted them.

A member of the Federation and resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments, Sector 7, Anil Kumar Parashar, was involved in the cleaning campaign at Ashirvad Chowk. In a chat with City Spidey, he shared, “We are making a collective effort to change the landscape around the chowks. You can see the change by just looking at Ashirvad Chowk. Till now we have planted about 100 trees in association with DDA.”

ACP of Dwarka, Rajendra Singh, also participated in the campaign and said that this community participation will definitely usher a very positive difference. 

The volunteers of this campaign are not only engaging in activities like cleaning and plantation. They are also raising awareness on civic hygiene among the shopkeepers and vendors by distributing pamphlets.