What's wet and dry waste, and how do you segregate them? Let NOFAA tell you

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Posted: Feb 05, 2018

To boost the city’s waste management efforts at the household level and generate awareness, members of Noida Federation of Apartment Owners’ Association, or NOFAA, will organise a mobile demo on how to process wet waste at two locations in Sector 50. The demos will take place on February 10.

The demo van will travel to Stellar Kings Court and Overseas Apartments with the agenda of driving home the simplicity of making compost from biodegradable waste.

“According to Solid Waste Management Policy 2016, all gated housing societies, hotels and commercial institutions built on plot sizes over 5,000 sq m will have to make arrangements to segregate biodegradable waste and make compost of it on their own premises. Every house produces wet waste — such as leftover food and vegetable peel — of around 500 g per day. So we must all be taught how to recycle it,” explained Rajiva Singh, NOFAA president.

The association is also in talks with Noida Authority for availing subsidy on compost machines.

He added, “We want Noida to top the Swachh Bharat ranks. People should be made aware at the household level. Thus, we are telling residents to use two dustbins in the house — green for wet waste and blue for dry waste.”

AOAs, thus, must step up their efforts, he said.

Several Noida societies, such as Stellar Kings Court, Overseas Apartments, Windsor Green and Shubhkamna Apartments, have started garbage segregation, but do not know how to turn this biodegradable garbage into manure.

Bala Jee Diwakar, AOA secretary of Overseas Apartments, said, “We issued notices to all residents to use two dustbins for garbage segregation. The wet garbage from the kitchen is dumped at a place designated by Noida Authority in our sector, and the dry waste goes to an authorised vendor for recycling. But now we want to make manure from kitchen waste to use in the gardens of our own society.”

Last year, Noida Authority had decided to sponsor 75 per cent of the cost of these compost machines, while residents would need to pay the remaining 25 per cent.

As a positive development, several housing societies in Noida have already bought compost machines. These include Prateek Wisteria in Sector 76, Homes 121 in Sector 121 and Eldeco Aamantran in Sector 119.

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