Gurgaon school murder: 5,000-page chargesheet incriminates the juvenile

Photo: Reena Dhankher
Posted: Feb 06, 2018

The CBI has finally filed the chargesheet in the gruesome murder of a Class II student in a Gurgaon school. The chargesheet runs over 5,000 pages, and reveals shocking details preceding the incident. As many as 50 witnesses have been mentioned in the documents.   

The victim has been named Prince in the chargesheet.

Ashok Kumar, the 42-year-old conductor, who was initially picked up by the police within hours of the murder, has been given a clean chit.

Bholu, the name given to the Class XI Commerce student of the same school apprehended by the CBI, was categorically held responsible for the heinous murder.

The CBI stated that they recovered a laptop, two pen drives, one SIM card, four micro SD cards, one black pocket bag and one hard disk from Bholu’s house.

The document also mentions how the accused initially asked his friends to get poison for the murder — to get the exams and PTM postponed. Only after that plan fell apart, did he decide on an alternate course of action. The history of his Internet searches showed that he searched for types of poisons and methods to remove fingerprints on August 9, 16, 17 and September 19 — clearly indicating the juvenile’s intent.

There is also a clear mention how the juvenile admitting to the crime, and how he narrated the entire episode in detail.

Bholu’s statements and evidence gathered in the form of CCTV footage also revealed several discrepancies. He had made attempts to hide facts from the CBI.  

In the first instance, he had told the CBI that his friend had asked him to wait at the ground floor, but CCTV footage showed his friend going to his class on the second floor. In another instance, while the juvenile denied seeing the victim on the day of the murder, the CCTV footage showed him following the victim.

The contents of the chargesheet are, therefore, expected seal the fate of a case that shocked parents across the country, and hurled the government into action to improve safety on school premises.

The facts are clearly against the juvenile, but whether or not they will translate into a sentence for the juvenile remains to be seen.


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