Now, automatic meter readers in GreNo homes to curb power theft

By Mukhram Singh
Photo: Milhouseinc.com
Posted: Feb 07, 2018

To curb incidents of power thefts in Greater Noida, Noida Power Corporation Limited (NPCL) is installing automatic meter readers, or AMRs, for all electric meters in the city.   

To start with, NPCL has installed AMRs in power meters of 8,000 households.

SN Ganguly, GM of NPCL, said, “If consumers try to tamper with the meters, a message will be automatically sent to the company officials. The company is spending Rs 6,000 per subscriber for the facility.”

The servers of the AMR system have been set up in Tuglaqpur. Through it, the supplier will be able to get readings of consumer meters without manual visits. Consumers, too, will be able to learn about their meter readings almost instantaneously after raising a query at the office.

This system will work only on the older meters, and will be installed with a SIM card. An antenna is to be installed for signal reception above the meter, which is connected to the NPCL server room.

Officials will receive instant alerts in case of any kind of tampering with the meter.

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