In Sector 7, Dwarka, garbage everywhere is the norm!

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Feb 10, 2018

For over a week, Sector 7 in Dwarka has had no garbage collection. According to sources, the garbage-collection vehicles are not available as their contract expired some time ago, and it has not been renewed till now. Due to this, the residents are having to put up with constant stink and unhygienic atmosphere. The society dustbins and garbage dumping spots are all overflowing.

The residents have been writing on the subject and sharing the photographs with municipal corporation, the area councillor and the mayor. A resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments, Anil Kumar Parashar, who has been following-up with the authorities, shared that despite the follow-up nothing has happened.

“The situation is absolutely hopeless right now, as the concerned people from SDMC, including the councillor and the mayor, are acting indifferent on the subject,” Parashar complained.

RWAs and managements of the societies in the area are unhappy with the way the corporation has been tackling sanitation in the sector. They said that the sector has always been neglected by the authorities.

A resident of Shruti Apartments, Anurag Behal, said, “We want a working garbage collection and cleaning system for the sector. It is really sad that despite the mayor's visits and talks with the councillor on the subject nothing has changed in the area. They should take it seriously and put an effective system in place.”

On the subject, area councillor Aman Kumar said, “In order to manage the situation, we have arranged vehicles and since yesterday, the garbage disposal has started in the area. As the sector is large and has 27 societies in it, it will take a few more days to clean it completely.”

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