Do you know how to make raw compost? NOFAA holds demo to explain
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Do you know how to make raw compost? NOFAA holds demo to explain

Residents and AOAs from 10 societies took part in the demo. Mobitrash, or a mobile mixer machine, was used during the workshop to explain the process. 

Do you know how to make raw compost? NOFAA holds demo to explain Mobile composting demo at Stellar Kings Court

Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Association, or NOFAA, organised a mobile demonstration on the procedure for making pre-compost from wet waste using the "Mobitrash" mobile mixer machine at Overseas Apartments and Stellar Kings Court societies in Sector 50.

This, according to NOFAA members, is the first step in getting Noida to the top position in Swachh Bharat ranks.

Rajiva Singh, president of NOFAA, told City Spidey that residents and AOAs of 10 societies -- Stellar Kings Court, Overseas Apartments, ATS Greens I & II, Kailash Dham, Mahagun Manor, The Crescent, Sagar Presidency, Shubhkamna Apartments and Shivkala Apartments -- took part in the demo. He was hopeful that this will help boost the city’s waste management efforts at the household level and generate awareness.

He also said that he was pleased to see an overwhelming response from the ladies of the societies. “More women should come forward strongly to spread the word and educate the residents on the benefits of waste management in their respective societies. This would be a game-changer for all of us. I would also request the residents to involve their children wherever possible,” he added.



During the demo, the representative from the waste management vendor, M/S SVM, explained how to make raw compost from wet waste using the machine. He also:

1. Guided the housekeeping staff on the procedure for segregation of dry and wet waste.

2. Explained various functions and operations of the machine. The space required for parking the machine, the power consumption and the time taken for completing one cycle of processing waste.

3. Explained the functions of drying the wet waste from compression and shredding the waste through a mixer. He further told the audience about how bacteria are added to the waste for accelerating the process of making raw compost from the machine.

4. Also explained how this raw compost is taken to their central plant, where it further takes 7 to 8 days to complete compost formation.

5. How dry waste is disposed as per requirements of the law.