Once a desolate no-go zone, now a flourishing park
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Once a desolate no-go zone, now a flourishing park

Result of the untiring joint efforts of the RWA and the DDA, the plot of land, which was once a haven for goons, has now become a favourite destination for recreation.

Once a desolate no-go zone, now a flourishing park

Till a while back, the area behind Radhika Apartments in Pocket 1, Sector 14, Dwarka, was a barren land. Thanks to the joint efforts of the RWA and Delhi Development Authority (DDA), however, the land is now a lush green park with flourishing trees and blooming flowers.

The DDA is currently engaged in the development and renovation of the infrastructure in and around the park. The repair of a damaged walking track is currently underway and there are plans to illuminate the entire track with street lights.

Recently, Deputy Director of Horticulture, DDA, Prem Chandra, along with RWA president SS Chowhan, visited the park to inspect the ongoing works.

“The development of the park is almost complete," said Chandra. "After planting several saplings around the park, we have ensured regular watering, pruning of the lawns and overall maintenance. We have installed 15 new benches  and beautified the area with various plants.”

“Earlier, the park was a favourite haunt for all sorts of anti-social elements. Benches were stolen by drug addicts. However, ever since the renovation of the park began a year ago, we have ensured round-the-clock security for the entire area with all the resources at our disposal,” said Chowhan. 

"DDA has deputed a gardener for the upkeep of the park. We even have our own guard keep vigil at night,” he added.


While the development of the park is complete, renovation work is still on


The RWA of the society is taking active part in the development work and has undertaken the security of the installed equipment.

Now, residents spend their leisure time in the park which was hitherto a no-go zone.

DDA has planted a wide varied of plants to make ornamental hedges full of flowers. It has lined up benches and illuminated the park for visitors after sunset.

Thanking the DDA, Sector 14 RWA general secretary Anupam Yashovardhan confirmed that the park had become a popular hangout spot for residents. "Residents come here in the evening to relax after a hectic day," said Yashovardhan.

Chandra informed that electrical department has also been roped in to instal stamp polls along the walking track. For now, a high mast lamp has been installed in one corner of the park. Swings and slides will also be installed in the coming days.