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Dwarka: If a cop asks you to put your jewellery into your bag for safety, don't

Posted: Feb 13, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

A gang of muggers, posing as policemen have been operating in Dwarka for some time now. Shivani Singh (name changed), a senior citizen and resident of Sector 3, shares her experience with City Spidey.

In her words, “I was approaching the gate of my society through a service lane. Suddenly, a man, presumably in his fifties, stopped me and politely cautioned me about the single piece of jewellery I was wearing. I was quite surprised that he had noticed my gold bangle that was almost hidden under my woollens.”

So what was Singh’s reaction? Apparently, the lady had very little reaction time, as, after the man left, two younger men appeared on a bike and stopped her. “They said that they work for the senior citizen cell of the Delhi Police and urged me to put away my jewellery in the bag I was carrying. Now all of these three men were carrying identity cards with a police logo, which convinced me about their credentials. Though I was a little cagey, I proceeded to remove my gold bangle. Just as I was about to put it away in my bag, one of the two men on the bike snatched it. I resisted with all my strength, which I guess they had not anticipated. In the scuffle, the bangle fell down on the road and the men fled. Though I managed to save myself — and the bangle — I realise the situation could have taken an ugly turn,” Singh recounts.   

Singh immediately dialed 100 and narrated her case to the police. Surprisingly, the police advised her not to lodge an FIR, as nothing serious had happened. “I am baffled at this casual reaction. The police should issue a circular to the societies in Dwarka, apprising them of the muggers and their modus operandi.”

Singh, however, has been apprising other women of her experience and cautioning them. “Similar incidents have happened in Sector 7 and Sector 22. In one, a lady was robbed of her gold chain,” Singh shares.

Similar gangs have been active in Ghaziabad and Gurgaon. So are the cops in Dwarka aware? What are they doing to bust them? “Yes, we are and we are soon going to nab them,” was the prompt response City Spidey received from Rajendra Singh, ACP, Dwarka. 

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