Gurgaon: Vipul Greens swears by self-help for efficient management of waste
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Gurgaon: Vipul Greens swears by self-help for efficient management of waste

Members of the Vipul Greens condominium invested Rs 11 lakhs in a waste management plant and manufacture organic manure that is used to help the area surrounding the residential colony green.

Gurgaon: Vipul Greens swears by self-help for efficient management of waste Waste management plant in Vipul Greens

When it comes to saving environment, Vipul Greens Condominium Sector 48 indeed does justice to its name. Whether it’s the lush green cover they maintain or the flora and fauna here, they are in complete sync with the environment. What is even more creditable is its in-house waste management plant that helps the condominium nourish its green cover.

Spread across an area of 17.5 acres and occupied by over 600 families, the residential colony has a waste segregation programme in progress, under which garbage is segregated into organic, sanitary and reusable and collected in separate bags.

“More than 70 percent of the waste is organic and hence is utilised for generating manure by composting it. For reusable and e-waste we have a separate vendor who comes to collect the same” said Amit Jindal, President Vipul Greens.

Adding to this, Sandeep Parwal an RWA member said, “there is a designated place where we collect e-waste and the residents deposit the discarded waste here. In periodic intervals we ask the vendor to pick up the e-waste.”

With no help from authorities, the condominium is maintaining the plant on its own. The residents there have also been educating others on efficiently segregating waste so that maximum output is ensured.

“We have invested almost 11 lakh in the plant and now manage to generate 250 kgs of organic waste on a daily basis, though the capacity of the plant is 400 kgs a day. For composting organic waste we have a rotating barrel composter” said Jindal.

One of the main objectives of the condominium is to prevent piling up of garbage and this is why the plant in the first place.

Naresh Goyal, general secretary of the RWA said, “We are in a process of minimising our share of solid waste and are converting garbage piles into micro forests”

The manure generated is used in the green cover and hence the condominium does full justice to its name in its care for the environment.