Yet another robbery attempted in Noida Sector 15
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Yet another robbery attempted in Noida Sector 15

According to residents of the sector, this has been the third attempt within two weeks.  

Yet another robbery attempted in Noida Sector 15 This picture has been used for representational purposes only

Last night, a robbery was attempted in house number A 54 of Noida Sector 15. The movements of the accused were captured on the CCTV cameras that had been installed by the inmates of the house.

This incident reiterates the rising spate of crimes in Noida. On February 8, goods worth Rs 5 lakh were stolen from house number A 56 of Sector 15. The robbery had occurred in broad daylight when nobody was at home.


The CCTV footage of the man trying to break into the house


According to residents of the sector, this is the third attempt within the two weeks. The A block has allegedly become a hub of anti-social elements. “The parks are the meeting grounds of these anti-social elements,” a resident observed.

Shashank Sharma, a resident of the sector said that the house owner of A 54 lives in Hyderabad. He has given the ground floor on rent and kept the first floor locked. “Yesterday around 10.15 pm my brother-in-law saw a man who was trying to break into the house. The man however ran away when my brother-in-law raised an alarm,” Sharma said.

Bharat Kanoujia, who has rented the ground floor told City Spidey that he was inside the house when the thief had attempted a break in. My CCTV alerted me about his movements.  “Police should take strong measures to nab these anti-social elements that are increasing in the sector. The residents in turn should share details of CCTV footages that will help the cops to ascertain the identity of the suspects,” Kanoujia added.

Sumer Singh, RWA president of Sector 15 said that five guards are present at the gates of the sector during the day hours. At night the count of guards is increased to 14. He also added that sufficient CCTV cameras are installed in all the strategic locations of the sector.

“All RWA members are now going to meet the police to discuss the security issues,” Singh informed.

Arun Kumar Singh, SP of Noida said that the police will increase patrolling at night. “Police has taken the CCTV footage from house number A 54 and verifying the identity of the suspect,” Singh stated.