Getting police help now easier than ever in Dwarka
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Getting police help now easier than ever in Dwarka

Residents of sectors 22 and 23 hold meet with Dwarka police, decide to together review law and order situation every month.

Getting police help now easier than ever in Dwarka Police officers and residents at the meeting in Sector 22, Dwarka

Residents of sectors 22 and 23 in Dwarka have decided to hold a meeting with the police on the last Saturday of every month to review the law and order situation in the sub-city.

The decision was taken at a meeting organised by Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi (SDKS) and Dwarka Forum in a Sector 22 park. It was presided over by SK Meena, ACP Dwarka, along with Ravi Kant, ACP (Designate), and SHO Kamal Deep Singh Rawat.

Residents were given the mobile numbers of the beat police personnel to help bring the police closer to the public and increase ease of access to them. On the issue of encroachment of public spaces, ACP Meena said, “The issue will be resolved in a couple of weeks and the encroachments will be removed with the support of the authorities.”

Anti-social elements loitering around near food joints, liquor shops and parks; a lack of police empathy while interacting with senior citizens; and installation of CCTV cameras at strategic locations were discussed at the meeting. Traffic issues such as non-visibility of signals due to installation of hoardings, parking of school buses and staff vehicles on roads, unauthorised speed breakers in slip lanes, and poor quality of work on zebra crossings were also discussed.

Shashi Kapoor, president of SDKS, and Arvinder Singh Chhatwal, joint secretary of Dwarka Forum, presented bouquets to ACP SK Meena and ACP (Designate) Ravi Kant respectively. Captain SS Mann, vice-president of SDKS, extended a vote of thanks to the police at the event.

Sector Beat constable Phone number
21 & 22 Rajiv 8860855021
21 & 22 Naresh 9868606960

23 Rajkumar 9810056492
23 Gautam 9968219969