If you are near Noida Sector 21 A, step into the flower show at Ramleela Grounds

Petunias in full bloom
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Feb 24, 2018

The 32nd edition of Noida Vasant Utsav (spring festival) started yesterday at the Ramleela Grounds of Sector 21A. This three day long annual event has been organised by Noida Floriculture Society and Noida Authority.

While Petunia is the cardinal flower that is being exhibited, visitors to the show are also being greeted by a breathtaking array of eco-friendly plants that consume toxins from the environment. “This year, lectures by experts on techniques of water conservation is another highlight of the show. Recharging ground water is the need of the hour,” said Deepa Pasricha from the Floriculture Society.

Speaking to City Spidey, Omveer Singh, horticulture director of Noida Authority said that around 1,000 shrubs and saplings are being distributed to children in the course of the event. “We want to encourage them to become green enthusiasts that in turn will replenish Noida’s green cover,” said Singh.

Leading garden designers are also displaying their artistic concepts in the show. These are being judged by experts and the winner will be felicitated with the Chairman’s Trophy. Besides this, there are prizes in 40 different categories that will be distributed on Sunday.

There is no entry fee and visitors can enter from gate number 6.

Here are few glimpses from the show:  

  Pink petunias in earthen pots.  


Artistically arranged vibrant gazanias. This is a tropical herbaceous plant of the daisy family.


A bee greets a shocking pink petunia and gets busy with its rituals. 


A vibrant melange of chrysanthemums. 


These dimorphothecas in full bloom are sheer eye-candy. Dimorphothecas are essentially a species of  the sunflower family.


These orange roses probably attracted the maximum number of spectators.  


Visitors acquainting themselves with the botanical names of various flowers.        

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